TSHD Modi R wrapping up dredging work in Geraldton

Mid West Ports Authority, Western Australia, has just announced that the trailer suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Modi R is back in Geraldton to complete the 2021 maintenance dredging project.

The 2021 program involves removing naturally accumulated sediments from within the inner harbour of Geraldton Port and southern navigational channel.

“Having already removed more than 50% of the naturally accumulated sediments, she will be here for just a few more weeks to finish the job,” the authority announced.

Under the 2021 maintenance dredging project, the contractor RN Dredging Pty Ltd – the Australian subsidiary of Rohde Nielsen A/S – will remove approx. 200,000m3 of material from the port area.

Most of this dredged material will be used in a beneficial manner, with those removed from the inner harbour placed into the Berth 7 land reclamation area and sediments from the navigational channel placed into the natural system at a designated nearshore placement area adjacent to Bluff Point.

Photo: MWPA