Repairing Wilmington District’s Dredge Currituck

The USACE Memphis District’s Plant Section team is currently on a $9.6 million, 18-month project to repair the Wilmington District’s Dredge Currituck.


The crews are busy working on:

  • replating the hull and repairing significant structural damage found when hull planting was removed;
  • fabricating a new pilot house, deck house, fuel tanks, and two winch houses;
  • completely rewiring the vessel;
  • installing new fuel lines, dredge lines, hydraulic lines, potable water system, generators, motors, z-drive propulsion units, and marine sanitation device;
  • replacing damaged structural members and bumper rails all the way around;
  • realigning the entire vessel; and completely sandblasting and painting it.
USACE photo

The completed project will return the Currituck to its vital mission of dredging the shallow-draft ocean bar channels along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida.