Ashleigh wraps up Xbloc revetment in NE Scotland

Ashleigh Contracts have recently completed an Xbloc revetment in Peterhead, NE Scotland, with the crest consisting of 25t grade rock armour (heaviest stone 30t).

Aaron Ramsey

This revetment was built to protect the Peterhead harbour buildings from significant wave overtopping during storm events.

Aaron Ramsey photo

The Xbloc product line comprises of the following products:

  • Xbloc: randomly placed breakwater armour units;
  • XblocPlus: pattern-placed breakwater armour units;
  • Xstream: small Xbloc units placed in bulk to form river groins and scour protections.

The Xbloc product line offers wave protection with a strong focus on:

Resilience to climate change: Breakwaters and shore protection have been tested stable up to 200% of the design wave height. Xstream river systems are flexible and easily adaptable in case of changing river runoff.

Nature value and sustainability: Stimulating aquatic life development in the porous Xbloc layer and blocks lead up to 50% in reduction of the carbon footprint.