Major step forward for Seaton Hole Beach Management

A £900,000 scheme to slow the erosion of Seaton’s eroding cliffs has taken a major step forward, East Devon District Council said.

The council yesterday announced that the Seaton Hole Beach Management Plan, which has been several years in the making, has been rubber stamped by the Environment Agency.

The work, which will bring improved protection to 41 homes above the cliffs, will involve upgrading and extending the existing rock structures on the beach.

According to the council, this should reduce the rate of erosion to the base of the cliff, as the toe will be better protected from storms thanks to the additional rock placed on the existing rock, which will offer more protection to the toe of the cliffs from storms.

Due to the worsening condition of the concrete covered rock section to the west of the beach, works here have been advanced ahead of the main BMP scheme, and are due to start in 2022, with other works requiring more detailed planning and consultation.

All being well, construction could start in Autumn 2023 on the remainder of the scheme.

The next step is to begin detailed design and further consultation to allow the project to be tendered.