Senator Carper pushes for coastal repair and beach replenishment

Delaware Senator Tom Carper visited Slaughter Beach to discuss beach replenishment and coastal restoration yesterday.

Senator’s visit came just days after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projected the United States will experience as much sea level rise in the next 30 years as it saw in the past 100 years.

Senator Tom Carper facebook photo

“20 years ago, Slaughter Beach was four times larger than today. Rising sea levels will only worsen this problem in the next 20 years without action. It’s time for us to protect our coastal communities and the species we love from the impacts of climate change,” said Carper.

Carper and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester are among the lawmakers who recently introduced the Shoreline Health Oversight, Restoration, Resilience, and Enhancement Act (SHORRE) Act.

According to the officials, it would bolster the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ coastal storm risk management and ecosystem restoration programs – with an emphasis on developing resilient and sustainable projects.

Photo: Senator Tom Carper facebook