Extensive dredging allows 35m boats to enter Royal Phuket Marina

Thailand’s multi-award-winning Royal Phuket Marina, working closely with the Marine Department in Phuket, recently completed dredging of its marina basin and access channel, increasing the depth to two metres at the lowest tide and enabling boats up to 35 metres round-the-clock access.

Royal Phuket Marina

“The recent dredging programme is part of our ongoing commitment to customers and our desire to drive Thailand’s marine industry to greater heights. The increased depth and improved access makes it easier and even more convenient for all boats at the marina. It also gives our Royal Villa owners unrivalled convenience to depart and return to their private villa berths at any time they choose,” said Mr. Gulu Lalvani, Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina.

At the heart of Royal Phuket Marina is a vision by its developer to make Phuket the pleasure yachting hub of Asia, and a destination on a par with any other marine destination in the world. Having a world-class marina is an essential part of that vision.

The marina caters for boats up to 35 metres in length and has a capacity of up to 216 boats. Since completing the marina works, enquiries have been received from boat owners in Singapore, Hong Kong and China looking to relocate their boats to Royal Phuket Marina.

Thanks to dredging the marina now has 20m wide inner-channel with a depth of 2m even at the lowest tide levels. Together with the outer channel dredging work completed earlier by Phuket’s Marine Department, this latest scheme will greatly increase the accessibility to Royal Phuket Marina, which is centrally located on the island.