New Straatman bow discharge on its way to USA

An impressive 25 ton bow discharge assembly left Straatman BV factory in Zwijndrecht earlier this week and is now on the way to the United States.

Straatman BV
Straatman photo

According to the company, the bow discharge installation has an inside diameter of ø762 mm and a maximum working pressure of 20 bar.

The bow coupling installation for hopper dredgers realizes the connection between ship and floating pipe line.

This installation is designed for efficient beach and land reclamation. Quick connection and low maintenance ensure safe working under almost all circumstances and tough weather conditions.

Straatman BV photo

“Currently, we are working on a number of dredging projects for various customers: a bow discharge assembly Ø762 mm, 7 pcs. pinch ball joints Ø762mm, bow coupling ø500 mm, female part for bow coupling ø1000 mm, female part for pinch ball joint ø700 mm and a female part for pinch ball joint ø1000 mm,” Straatman said.