Port MacDonnell Harbor dredging moves forward

Dredging works are currently in progress at Port MacDonnell Harbor to improve safety and access to the harbor, boat ramp and mooring ground, the Government of South Australia said.

SA Infrastructure and Transport

The project will remove a significant accumulation of sandy materials at the harbor entrance and mooring grounds as well as a build-up of seaweed inside the (harbor) channel, improving safety and access to the harbor, boat ramp and mooring ground for all boat users.

Organic materials dredged from the channel are being screened, drained, and progressively transported to the adjacent western beach or if causing too great a disturbance, offsite to the local transfer station.

Due to the presence of fine organic sludge in the seabed, fresh seaweed wrack is being removed first using a seaweed wrack screen where wrack will be progressively collected and removed.  

Following this, sludge will be pumped into geobags which filter sediment and allow silt free water to be released to drain.  

Both methods will require temporary space on the park directly east of the boat ramp to enable a good working area with drainage.  

This temporary works area will be required for approximately two months.  

The area will be landscaped, and grass re-established at the end of the project.