Soft engineering against coastal erosion VIDEO

Geologia Regione Emilia-Romagna has just released this very interesting video named “Soft Engineering against coastal erosion – The 4th Beach Nourishment Project – Emilia-Romagna”.

Geologia Regione Emilia-Romagna
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The coastal towns of Emilia-Romagna are the soul of the maritime tradition of the region and of the North Adriatic Sea. 

The area lies on the Adriatic Sea with a low, sandy coastline which stretches for approximately 130 km from the Goro Po mouth to the Gabicce headland.

The distinctive element of this coast is the beach, produced by the interaction, over a long period of time, between sediment carried to the sea by rivers, redistribution and deposition by the waves and marine currents and the modelling action of the wind.

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