Dredger Estoril inaugurated in Mozambique

The Port of Beira has welcomed a new dredger which will mainly be used to maintain the depths alongside the berths.

LBH Mozambique

Dredger “Estoril” was inaugurated at the port by the Mozambique Minister of Transport, Honourable Janfar Abdulai on Friday 10th June 2022.

This Damen built piece of equipment is owned and will be operated by Emodraga, the official dredging company of Mozambique.

According to LBH Mozambique, the dredger will be able to do maintenance dredging at a single berth at a time, without the need for the berths to all be vacated for a period, as was the case before.

“As a result of the muddy waters of the rivers Buzi and Pungwe flowing through Beira Port, it has been struggle to keep the mud away from the quay walls over the years. At times this resulted in review of the available drafts alongside,” said LBH.

LBH Mozambique, together with other port users, are very excited to see the positive affect the “Estoril” will have to maintain the berth depths at Beira Port going forward.