Coordinated dredging program at Port Phillip and and Western Port

Dredging at boat ramps and channels is critical to ensuring boaters have access to boat launching facilities.

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This is undertaken at many facilities as routine maintenance.

$1 million in grant funding has already been made available to facility managers through the 2021-22 Recreational Boating Access and Dredging Program.

The Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy has also identified the need for a more coordinated and strategic approach to how maintenance dredging at public boat ramps is managed within Port Phillip and Western Port, with around 70% of the state’s recreational boating activity located on these waters.

The current approach to maintenance dredging by asset managers is uncoordinated, and at times reactive. Better Boating Victoria is investigating options to improve maintenance dredging around Port Phillip and Western Port to drive better outcomes for boaters.

Work is now underway with the coordinated dredging program. This work is detailed and expected to be finalised by the end of 2022. Once this work is completed, the next steps will include progressing options for a coordinated dredging program.

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