Miami Harbor maintenance dredging project up for public comment

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District is seeking public comment for proposed maintenance dredging and material placement for the Miami Harbor Navigation Project.


According to the Corps, the purpose of maintenance dredging is to maintain safe, efficient navigation through the port’s federal navigation project channels and related features.

Maintenance dredging is necessary to address the accumulation of sediment, commonly referred to as shoaling, which reduces the depths and widths of the navigation channels, hindering safe and efficient navigation.

Removal of the accumulated sediments will restore the dredged sections to their federally authorized and constructed dimensions.

The district’s Preferred Alternative consists of removing up to 260,000 cubic yards of accumulated material, which will be placed in the Miami Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site.

Routine maintenance dredging of the federal navigation project may occur on both a periodic cycle (historically every ten to fifteen years) or on an as-needed basis for the emergency removal of shoals.

The 2022 EA provides an evaluation and analysis for future maintenance dredging at the federal project. Details are available for review and public comment in the draft EA, which along with the proposed FONSI and associated appendices are available for public review and comment until October 19, 2022.