Norfolk Dredging secures another contract in Virginia

Norfolk Dredging Company yesterday received a $9.3 million contract from the Army Corps for the maintenance dredging works in Norfolk Harbor, Virginia.

Norfolk Dredging

According to the Corps, the project includes maintenance dredging by mechanical dredge of the inner channels of the Norfolk Harbor.

Overall, the Norfolk project will involve deepening of the southern portion of the Norfolk Harbor Entrance Reach between HRBT and Sewell’s Point, Sewell’s Point to Lambert’s Bend, the Craney Island Reach, and the Norfolk Harbor Reach.

These segments will be dredged to a required depth of -55 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW).

USACE estimates that this maintenance dredging project will remove over 500,000 cubic yards of material from these areas.

The deadline for completion of works is next summer.