All set for Tairua Marina dredging work

The next round of maintenance dredging at Tairua Marina, New Zealand, is set to begin this week.

Tairua Marina

According to the officials, dredging of the Tairua Marina access channel will commence November 3, and the deadline to complete the works is 18th November.

In order to maintain navigation and more all tide access for bigger vessels, large volumes of sediment are dredged from the Tairua Marina on regular basis; especially from a 150m stretch of channel opposite Pleasant Point between the mooring zone and the waterways entrance.

Similar to the previous campaigns, the crews will use a 22m Hitachi long reach excavator to remove up to 12,000 cubic metres of dredged material.

During the works, boaters will still be able to launch and retrieve at the ramp. However, as the heavy machinery will be operating in the area, users needs to take care when navigating in the channel.

Tairua Marina concluded that the digger will primarily be operating in the hours around low tide and apologised for any inconvenience caused while they complete the channel works ahead of the summer season.