CSD Mike Hooks almost ready for delivery

Family owned and operated, Mike Hooks, LLC has just released the latest photo of the 300-ft cutter suction dredge Lorraine Hooks, currently being built at Southwest Shipyard.

Mike Hooks

The state-of-the-art CSD is looking great with the pilot house, upper crane, and anchor booms all recently installed at the shipbuilders facilities in Texas.

With the paint job and outfitting of the CSD Lorraine Hooks now almost complete, the newbuild will soon be ready for sea trials.

Once tested and delivered, the newbuild is to be deployed on both coastal restoration and navigation dredging projects in Louisiana and across the region to improve climate resiliency and strengthen maritime infrastructure.

Mike Hooks expects that their newest dredge, the Lorraine Hooks will be ready for her first assignment before the end of 2022.