Environmental Dredging Equipment

Environmental dredging is executed for the specific purpose of removing hazardous wastes that are detrimental to ecosystems, human and marine life.


The equipment needed for this kind of work is specially designed or adapted to remediate waterways that contain contaminated sediments.

Environmental dredging is conducted in a way to minimise the spread of contaminants to the surrounding waters during the operation.

To protect surrounding waters and confine the spread of contamination, environmental dredging techniques aim to achieve a high concentration of dredged sediment with the lowest possible turbidity. The equipment is designed to optimise the precision with which operations are done.

Environmental dredging equipment is also built to remove accurate thin layers so that the least possible quantities of material are dredged. This means that less material requires treatment and disposal, which is a plus point since secure disposal of contaminated material is often a challenge.

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