Works progressing well on the Alotau Wharf project

Construction works are progressing well on the Alotau Provincial Wharf project in the south-east of Papua New Guinea, reports Pacific Marine Group (PMG).


Demolition of the existing wharf is complete, and the piling works for the new structure has commenced.

“The weather has been challenging with some significant rain events slowing works at times, but we are moving ahead well and maintaining the program,” said PMG.

Yard splicing of piles and construction of precast concrete elements in the company’s Townsville yard has been going on for many months but is now complete.

The components will now be towed to Alotau to provide materials for construction of the second portion of the new wharf. Also onboard is the new concrete pontoons and aluminium gangway which have been provided by Superior Jetties.

Overall, the project involves construction of an 80m long x 8m wide L shaped concrete wharf, founded on 38 off 711mm diameter x 16mm (or 20mm) wall thickness driven steel piles.

In addition to the main wharf, the project includes demolition of an existing wharf structure, and installation of a 24m x 4m low level wharf (floating concrete pontoon), restrained by an additional 9 piles.