Turtle Beach repair project on the way

Years of hurricanes and storms taking it’s toll on Turtle Beach and erosion continues to plague the popular South Siesta Key destination.


There are now plans for placing new sand from Central Florida onto the beaches in this area. 

Construction is planned to occur outside of sea turtle nesting season.

photo by James D’Ambrosio, Public Affairs Specialist, USACE

According to the County, “The South Siesta Key Beach Repair Project is planned to repair erosion damage at Turtle Beach as a result of Hurricane Hermine in 2016. Approximately 92,000 cu. yds. of beach-compatible sand will be placed on the beach from the public park south.”

The Project Schedule shows repair is planned to begin in March and end in April 2023.

FEMA will cover around 75 percent of the 5-million-dollar project. State funds should cover the remaining costs.