Lake Havasu kicks off Bridgewater Channel dredging works

The Lake Havasu City Public Works Department has commenced dredging operations in the Bridgewater Channel.

Lake Havasu City

The last time the Bridgewater Channel was dredged was in 2010. Since then, sand and silt have again washed into the channel area and is gradually filling the channel making the navigable areas much smaller for the boat traffic.

According to the city officials, one particular location, approximately 550 feet south of the London Bridge, on London Bridge Beach has dramatically filled in, creating a pinch point. This is a dangerous situation for boaters traveling through the channel and must be remedied as soon as possible.

“The City has plans to dredge the entire channel, however we have expedited the permitting for this area to dredge and remove the pinch point,” the city said in a statement.

The contractor for the Phase 1 of the Bridgewater Canal Dredging project is Lewis Equipment Services LLC.