Dredging simulator with Dutch roots

Three companies that have earned their stripes in the maritime sector are developing a dredging simulator.

Amsterdam Shipyards

Arnold den Boon, spokesperson for the three companies (Amsterdam Shipyards, MSA-Service and Controllab), said: “Dredging is a critical process. A lot of mistakes can be made and the risks are high, which is why it is common practice to use a simulator for larger dredgers. In this way, the operator can ”dry exercise”.

“However, the current simulators available on the market are expensive and voluminous. That creates a high threshold for buying a simulator. We felt that it should be possible to make a simulator more transportable, cheaper and still realistically mimicking dredging operations. And it worked.”

Amsterdam Shipyards photo

By using standard hardware, the costs are reduced. The software has been developed in-house.

The result is a system that simulates all relevant aspects in detail. From start-up, to cutting the soil and pumping the sand-water mixture. The operator practices operations and learns how different conditions and settings influence the performance of the dredger.

Three parties

The three parties jointly operate under the name “Dutch Dredging Simulators”. Each company has its specific expertise.

Amsterdam Shipyards has profound knowledge of the dredging process, dredging equipment, and has an extensive network in the dredging industry.

MSA-Service is a well-known automation & control company supplying equipment for dredgers and offshore wind equipment.

Controllab is specialized in the design of simulators for the offshore industry and has extensive knowledge of realistic simulation of machinery and drive systems.