Record-breaking year for beach nourishment in Denmark

The Danish Coastal Authority (Kystdirektoratet) recently celebrated a record-breaking year, delivering over 4.5 million m3 of sand on the most exposed stretches of the West Coast.

Danish Coastal Authority

According to the Authority, sand has been successfully placed on the central part of the west coast, from Lodbjerg to Nymindegab. In 2022, approx. 4.6 million cubic meters of sand was dredged and pumped on the shoreline.

The projects mainly included adding millions of cubic meters of dredged sand to the selected sections of the Jutland’s west coast – either close to the shore/on the reefs (near-shore nourishment) or directly onto the beaches (beach nourishment).

Officials also added that this is the largest amount of sand that has been added to the coast in a single year since the beach nourishment efforts began in the 1980s.

This was all possible thanks to the great collaboration of local authorities, the Kystdirektoratet and the contractors.

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