Kooiman to deliver state-of-the-art dredger Hegemann V

Following successful sea trials in late December/early January, Kooiman Marine Group is now almost ready to deliver state-of-the-art trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Hegemann V.

Kooiman Marine Group

According to the shipbuilder, the new TSHD which has been designed and made on specific criteria of Hegemann was thoroughly tested during recent trials in the North Sea.

The 75.9 meter long newbuild, has been developed to execute multiple types of dredging activities on specific locations.

With a suction tube on the starboard side and an inboard dredge pump, she can load 1500m3 of material. Unloading the dredged material can be done by opening a row of bottom doors.

In addition, the material can be pumped by one or two series-connected dredge pumps with discharge connections on both sides of the ship or via a bow connection at the front.

Delivery of the new dredger, the newbuild BNR219, is to take place in the next few weeks.