Dredge Modi R to continue Fremantle dredging campaign

The City of Fremantle, Western Australia, has just released an update on the Port Beach Sand Nourishment project.

City of Fremantle

As reported by the City, the second phase of combating coastal erosion at one of Freo’s popular beaches will recommence Wednesday 15 February with 24 hour works expected for two weeks.

Officials also added that the remaining 57,600mᶟ out of 150,000 mᶟ of sand will be placed onto the shore during the phase two of the campaign.

The works will be carried out by the trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Modi R’ with the assistance of survey vessel ‘Rind R’.

Similar to the phase one, the Modi R will dredge sand from Deep Water Channel – ‘rainbowing’ the material onto the beach. There, the land-based machinery will manage receival of the sand and construction of the beach profile.