West Crab Island dredging project coming along nicely

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority’s (GCWA) first dredging project for 2023 kicked off recently at the northern end of the West Crab Island channel.


The project is focusing on bed levelling and dredging of sand shoals, with approximately 23,000 cubic metres of sand to be removed and beneficially reused to nourish the open beach at Narrowneck.

The project consolidates on GCWA’s significant dredging work in 2020, which saw 30,000 cubic metres of sand removed from the channel’s south end, supporting access to marinas, manufacturing precincts, service centres and the canals to the west of the channel.

At the moment, the West Crab Island channel (north) dredging project is 25% complete with 7,550 cubic metres of sand removed from the seabed so far.

More than 20 trips have been made from Paradise Point to the Narrowneck deposition site since dredging started in early February, GCWA said in the update.

The West Crab Island channel north dredging project is scheduled to be complete by April 2023.