Thilafushi land reclamation moves forward

The Maldives’ Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced that the Thilafushi Phase 2 reclamation project is moving ahead.


The initiative, which is focused on creating a sustainable and adaptable industrial hub, will move all industrial work from Male’ City to Thilafushi.

HDC stated that the project is moving forward according to schedule, and the contractor – China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) – is currently working on the boundary wall for the reclamation process.

HDC photo

CHEC, a subsidiary of the Sinamale’ Bridge developer China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), was contracted for the project on December 15, 2022.

The company is also responsible for maintaining the Sinamale’ Bridge, which connects Male’ City with both Hulhule’ and Hulhumale’.

The reclamation project will be conducted in various phases, with the contractor reclaiming 40 hectares of land in the first phase. This part of the development program will be completed in 8 months.

The complete reclamation of 151 hectares of land will take two years, said HDC.