Another round of Salem River dredging

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is about to embark on another round of maintenance dredging of Salem River Federal Navigation Channel.

Photo courtesy of USACE

The Corps recently proposed to hydraulically dredge approximately 209,000 cubic yards of material from the Salem River FNC in the vicinity of Salem Cove in New Castle County, Delaware.

The plan also calls for the beneficial use the dredged materials at two locations in New Jersey or dispose of the dredged materials in the Kilcohook confined disposal facility (CDF).

Placement of the dredged materials is proposed over approximately 42 acres at the Goose Pond area of Supawna Meadows to establish desirable low marsh habitat, which may require multiple placements of sediment over multiple years.

Additionally, periodic placement of sandy dredged material is proposed via split-hull hopper dredge for a 90-acre nearshore area fronting Oakwood Beach.

The project is to take place over 16-week period in the July 2023 thru February 2024 timeframe.