Eastern Shipbuilding conducts sea trials for TSHD R.B. Weeks

Eastern Shipbuilding Group conducted sea trials for the trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) R.B. Weeks (ESG Hull 258) recently.

Eastern Shipbuilding photo

“The R.B. Weeks is the second trailing suction hopper dredge we have built for Weeks Marine, Inc. This new 356-foot vessel has a hopper capacity of 8,550 cubic yards,”

The vessel outfitting and trials are being conducted at Eastern’s Port St. Joe Facility and on-time delivery is imminent.

The TSHD, measuring 356 feet long by 79.5 feet wide and with a draft of 27 feet 3 inches, is an identical vessel to the Magdalen that was delivered to Weeks in 2017.

Like the Magdalen, the R.B. Weeks will be equipped with Royal IHC designed and built equipment.

This includes the complete and highly efficient dredging installation, dredging automation and instrumentation, propulsion and main electrical system.

The delivery of TSHD R.B. Weeks will take place in the following days.