Dutra wraps up West Harbor Marina dredging

Dutra’s DB-24 completed the dredging operations at the West Harbor Marina in San Francisco recently.

Dutra photo

According to the company, this was a 5-day job deepening and widening the approach channel of the marina.

Dutra used the KS-10 and DS-5 scows and disposed of the sand at the Montezuma Wetland Restoration Project (MWRP).

They dug to 12ft and removed a total of 9,000 CY of sand. 

The Montezuma restoration consists of tidal and seasonal wetland restoration on approximately 630 acres of currently diked baylands along Montezuma Slough and enhancement of adjacent uplands in Suisun Marsh.

Also, the work includes initial placement of dredged materials to raise the site elevation followed by additional construction activities and then breach of the existing dikes to enable tidal action on the site.