Spotlight on North Extension Stabilization Step 1 Project

Manson’s North Extension Stabilization Step 1 (NES1) project at the Port of Alaska is a design-build job that will take place over the next two seasons.

Manson Construction photo

Subcontractors Granite Construction Company, Condon Johnson, and design firm WSP USA began the first work season with a land base excavation of approximately 40,000 CY of material and deep soil mixing.

The Season 2 work schedule will begin in 2024 with self-performed scopes, including:

  • dredging of approximately 1.2 million CY of material,
  • demolition of about 6,200 LF of the existing sheet pile bulkhead structure, and
  • placement of approximately 70,000 CY of rock for slope protection.

The purpose of the project is to create a safe and stable area that will support Port operations, make the North Extension land available for future use, and create safe vessel maneuvering conditions for docking at the cargo terminals.

Also, the project is set to reconfigure and realign the shoreline within the Port’s North Extension, the area north of the existing general cargo terminals.