BREAKING NEWS: Komandoo land reclamation completes

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has completed the land reclamation works of the Sh. Komandoo Shore Protection Rectification and Mathi-Komandoo Connectivity Project.

MTCC photo

Furthermore, Mathi-Komandooo temporary shore protection & Komandoo existing revetment rectification works has reached 45% and 52% completion respectively.

The overall project completion is now at 50%, according to MTCC.

Scope of works will involve:

  • land reclamation operations of 16.7 hectares,
  • connecting Komandoo and Mathi Komandoo with a 200m bridge,
  • construction of a 3,182m revetment and 353m groynes,
  • 30m breakwater rectification works.

The value of the project is MVR 235.75 million ($15.3 million).