Hội An coastline protection plan gets OK

The People’s Committee of Quảng Nam Province has just approved a project helping to prevent the erosion of Hội An’s coastline, Viet Nam News reports.

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The project has a total investment of EUR42 million, equivalent to VNĐ980 billion (US$41 million), of which overseas development assistance (ODA) loans and grants make up VNĐ788 billion, while the rest comes from the provincial budget.

The project is invested in by the Investment Project Management Board for the Construction of Agricultural and Rural Development projects in the province.

The project consists of three components.

Component 1 is to invest in infrastructure construction from the river estuary to Cửa Đại beach of Hội An town with a total length of 3,393 metres, including 2,090 metres of underground dike, and a 1,490 metre embarkment system. The project will also pour sand to create yards and auxiliary works.

Component 2 is implementing measures including research, assessment and enhancement of coastal basin management, plus the building of a data centre for coastal basins, strengthening automatic monitoring systems for water quality and environment and building monitoring tools for resource exploitation in river systems and coastal areas.

Component 3 is centred around effective project management.

The project will run until 2026.