Riverdale Boat Ramp dredging set for early September

St. Johns County, Florida, announced yesterday the closure of Riverdale Boat Ramp to complete a routine maintenance dredging project.

Photo courtesy of Ellicott

“The scope of the project will result in a full closure of the boat ramp from Sept. 5 to Sept. 15 and some minor impacts to the parking and picnic areas of the park during this time. The County will post signage in the area before and during the project,” officials said in the release.

The Riverdale Boat Ramp is one of three County-maintained waterway access points along the St. Johns River. It provides the southernmost access to the waterway and accommodates a wide array of boat sizes.

“Dredging maintains the depth of navigation channels – in this case, the boat ramp approach – to ensure safe access to and continued operation of the ramp,” St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Project Manager Tim Connor commented.

The County last dredged the Riverdale Boat Ramp in 2018. Dredging is a routine necessity at boat ramps and waterway channels because sedimentation – the natural process of sand and silt washing downstream – gradually fills channels and harbors.