Doggerland and Abeko successfully complete major dredging project in the UK

Doggerland Offshore, in collaboration with its partner Abeko Marine, have successfully completed a capital dredging project in the UK.

Photo courtesy of Doggerland Offshore

Late last year, the company won a public tender as main contractor to dredge a deeper channel leading to the Grimsby GRT terminal.

This channel facilitates the docking and (un)loading of larger car carriers even during low tides, thereby it was important to dredge the channel and improve the operational efficiency of the Grimsby port.

In total, Doggerland worked in 24-hour operations with the backhoes Abeko Server 1 and Abeko Server 2 (both equipped with a Hitatchi 1200 triple, bucket 5,5 m3 water volume).

During the works, crews dredged over 500,000 cubic meters of clay, delivering it to the dumpsite HU-080 which was about a 45-minute round trip away by sea.

For a short period of time, Abeko Server-3 (equipped with a Komatsu PC-800) was also dredging in the channel.