Dredger Port Frederick arrives in Ettalong Channel


Dredging of the Ettalong Channel is set to continue after ‘Port Frederick’, a new trailing suction dredger, arrived in the waterway this morning.

Liesl Tesch MP facebook photo

Port Frederick is capable of completing in one day the work the previous Faucon dredge was able to complete in 2.5 days.

Recent swell conditions have caused damage to the dredge arm of the Faucon vessel.

To complete the work as quickly as possible, the Faucon is now being replaced by the new, larger dredging vessel and the dredging operations will be completed as planned – weather permitting.

Ettalong Channel provides a key navigational entrance to Brisbane Waters used by recreational and commercial vessels, including the Palm Beach ferry service.

The NSW Coastal Dredging Strategy has identified this channel as a significant investment location, prioritising it for dredging to ensure safe navigation including for the use of local ferry services.

This will ensure safe navigation for recreational and commercial vessels, including local ferry services.