Minehead coastal erosion protection project

The Environment Agency together with their contractor, KIER, are carrying out works to stabilise 360 metres of a vulnerable shingle ridge on the coastal frontage at the Warren.

Photo courtesy of the Environment Agency

Work on the project began on Monday 11th September and is likely to last for 10 weeks, depending on weather and coastal conditions. This will ensure that properties and businesses in Minehead continue to be protected from flooding.

Around 14,600 tons of 1-to-3-ton Granite rocks will be used to continue the existing line of rock armour that forms the coastal defence.

The stone is being transported from Glensanda Quarry, Scotland via a large transport ship (M/S HAGLAND SAGA) – anchored in the Bristol Channel, approximately 3 miles offshore.

So far, two granite shipments (4,500 tonnes) have arrived in the Bristol Channel for the Minehead Coastal Erosion Protection work.

The stone is then transferred via a self-unloading system to a dedicated armour stone barge (SeaRock 1) and towed by tugboats (Afon Wen Chloe May) to shore for offloading into a stockpile.

The stockpile will then become exposed on the receding tide. When the tide has dropped back to an appropriate level the rocks will then be retrieved by Plant Machinery on the beach.

The stone will then be moved further up the beach to await placement in their final position to form the coastal defence.