EXCLUSIVE: Dhidhdhoo land reclamation begins

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) officially started the HA. Dhidhdhoo land reclamation operations earlier this week.

The project includes construction of a 1,150-meter sand bund wall, land reclamation with 623,968cm of sand in the beach area, and land reclamation with 10,962cm of sand at the coastal area.

Also under the work, MTCC will dig a 916m bioswale trench, and install 916m geotextiles material.

The program in Dhidhdhoo – valued at MVR 83.07 million ($5.3 million) – was contracted to MTCC on July 17.

The project was inaugurated by the Defense Minister, Mariya Ahmed Didi, in a ceremony Tuesday night.