Yaverland, Sandown and Shanklin coastal protection plan on display

The Environment Agency, in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council, is exploring a sustainable future for the coastal frontage in Yaverland and Shanklin with an online consultation.

gov.uk photo

According to EA, this is an opportunity to get feedback from the coastal communities in Yaverland, Sandown and Shanklin on the proposed options to restore their coastal defences.

The consultation will be launched today, and will run for 6 weeks, until Friday, December 1.   

There will also be 6 public exhibitions, throughout October and November, in Sandown and Shanklin for those people who prefer to give their feedback face to face.   

All the proposed options will make the coastal communities more resilient to climate change in the future.   

The proposed sea defences will better protect over 500 properties in Yaverland and Sandown.

As well as key infrastructure, local businesses, heritage assets and designated sites from the risk of flooding and coastal erosion. In Shanklin, approximately 84 properties and 37 businesses will be better protected from the risk of flooding and coastal erosion.