Spotlight on Immingham Green Energy Terminal (IGET)

In a prior information notice (PIN) published on 31 October, Associated British Ports (ABP) said that they are looking to appoint a lead contractor or consortium to undertake the construction of the Immingham Green Energy Terminal (IGET) and associated marine infrastructure works. The estimated value of the project is between £140M and £170M. photo

According to the document, IGET would occupy an area of approximately 102.52ha on the eastern side of the Port of Immingham in Lincolnshire.

Its main function will be to support the import of NH3 from the Neom megacity project in Saudi Arabia, which will then be converted to green hydrogen. The ammonia plant is currently being built at Oxagon, Neom’s port city on the Red Sea.

The IGET contract will cover the construction of a jetty structure, which will be an open piled jetty approach trestle with an approximately 1.1km long deck on up to 219 steel tubular piles measuring 1.2m in length.

The contract will also cover the construction of a jetty berth. This will be a loading platform comprising of two breasting dolphins and eight mooring dolphins with associated fenders and walkways.

The jetty head would involve the installation of up to 178 piles of 1.5m in diameter to support the jetty head structures and two monopiles with a maximum diameter of 2.3m to provide fendering suitable for small vessels.

Dredging of an area of 4,000mwill be required under the contract, as well as the delivery of drainage, utilities, security and fire design.