Stockton Beach gets new sand

NSW Government has just delivered phase one of the Stockton Beach nourishment project with approximately 130,000 cubic meters of sand placed onto the beach.

Photo courtesy of the City of Newcastle

Stockton Beach just got a fresh delivery of sand – enough to fill 52 Olympic-size swimming pools,” the government said in the update. “This is just phase one of our project to remediate Stockton’s heavily eroded coastline.

The hopper dredger Trud R, named after the daughter of Norse god and protector Thor, arrived in Newcastle in mid-October to begin phase one of the Stockton Beach works.

During the works, it became evident that more sand had accumulated in the approved dredging area in Newcastle Harbour. The Trud R was able to dredge this additional sand and spray it onto the beach.

With phase one now complete, planning is progressing for the next round of dredging to continue this work and ensure that we protect Stockton’s coastline for future generations.