Dutch Dredging wraps up Luís Correia project in Brazil

On behalf of Investe Piauí, Brazilian partner of Dutch Dredging BV, DTA Engenharia was awarded two contracts after a public tender procedure: 1 for the design and construction of a new quay for the local fishing industry in Luís Correia and second to deepen the access channel to this new quay.

Photo courtesy of Dutch Dredging

Dutch Dredging was hired to work under the second contract and the company mobilized trailing suction hopper dredger Lesse at the end of September 2023.

Before the start of works, the 3.5km long canal was less than 2 meters deep in some places and had to be deepened to -7m. This required moving more than half a million cubic meters of material. Some of the dredged material was reused for the construction of the new quay.

In addition to the limited space for maneuvering, the strong current and the simultaneous work on the new quay also posed challenges.

The Lesse has taken on these challenges and, thanks to its shallow draft, good maneuvering properties and experienced crew and project team, has completed the work within the set period and budget,” Dutch Dredging said in the announcement.

Immediately after completion of the work, TSHD Lesse left for her next project in Brazil leaving behind a satisfied customer who festively opened the deepened canal and the new quay shortly afterwards.