Beach nourishment at Wave Break Island about to begin

Nourishment works at the northern beach on Wave Break Island will start from April 15 until the end of May, said Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA).

photo courtesy of GCWA

Under the program, clean sand extracted from the dredging of the North and South Channels will be used to replenish the northern beach of Wave Break Island and reinstate the useability of this popular area.

On days works are occurring, the site will be temporarily fenced, and silt curtains will enclose the work to retain the sand within the target area,” said GCWA.

Works are set to occur between Monday and Thursday and the access will be restricted to the beach and adjacent water while the project is underway.

Approximately 70,000 cubic meters of sand will be removed from the channels and beneficially reused, said GCWA.