New Muddy Water Dredge hits the water

The official launching ceremony of the Muddy Water Dredge “Vaneta Marie” is scheduled to take place this week at DSC Dredge building site in New Orleans.

Photo courtesy of DSC Dredge

This custom-built Marlin Class dredge has an overall length of 371 feet making it one of, if not the longest 24” dredge in the United States with the capability of dredging a 400’ wide cut utilizing an 80° swing arc thus increasing the dredge’s swing/advance efficiency by 5.9%.

At a duty point of 28,236 GPM slurry volume, the new dredge will have the ability of filling an Olympic size swimming pool with dredge slurry in only 23 minutes.

Some of the equipment on board the Vaneta Marie includes DSC’s survey-grade DSC VISION package; DSC’s Dredge Rx remote monitoring package; and DSC’s Dredge Quality Management (DQM) system for automated USACE reporting. The dredge will also be fitted with three 12’x12’ offices, a 15’ x 19’ meeting/break room, restroom facilities, and a 20’x 27’ lever room.

This 24” diesel-electric dredge will have a total installed horsepower of 9,621 HP – delivering 6,830 kW of electrical power.