Boskalis completes massive dredging and reclamation project in the Maldives

Boskalis has successfully completed massive dredging and reclamation operation at K. Gulhifalhu in the Maldives.

Photo courtesy of Boskalis

According to the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure, Boskalis’ trailing suction hopper dredger Prins der Nederlanden delivered the last cubic meter of sand to complete the reclamation of the island on 15th April 2024.

The EUR 118 million project, which started in July last year, included dredging and pumping around 18 million cubic meters of sand in K. Gulhifalhu. During the works, approx. 150 hectares of new land have been reclaimed from the sea.

All four of the Boskalis ‘Royal’ trailing suction hopper dredgers Oranje, Queen of the Netherlands, Willem van Oranje and Prins der Nederlanden took part in this important land development.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure

In the coming months, the project team will be working on the installation of a revetment over a length of 2.6 kilometers to protect this new part of Gulhifalhu against the forces of the Indian Ocean.