BREAKING NEWS: Dredge tender PUP puts Oceanside Pier fire under control

A large fire broke out at the end of the Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, CA, near Manson Construction’s Oceanside Harbor Maintenance Dredging project last week.

photo courtesy of Manson

The Coast Guard put out a call, and the crew of the dredge tender PUP jumped in to assist.

According to Project Manager Max Oviedo, “The crew of the dredge tender PUP responded to a Coast Guard radio request to all available boats to help with the fire. The Captain of the PUP, Jon Hook, requested permission from me to respond to the call. Permission Granted.

The PUP effectively controlled the fire, with direction from a lifeguard boat, said Manson.

The crew maintained the fire for three hours until the fire was under control.

Captain Jon Hook, Mate Brian Sauck, and Deckhand Gavin Slavens were the brave volunteers from the PUP crew. Deckhand Theodore Credle also volunteered, but Captain Jon determined it necessary to leave one deckhand to keep the dredge tender CUB operational,” said Manson Construction in its official statement.