Canton Beach sandstone wall upgrades and repairs complete

Canton Beach foreshore sandstone log restoration works and upgrades are now complete, restoring and enhancing the usability of the popular beach and helping to prevent erosion, Central Coast Council said.

photo courtesy of Central Coast Council

After an east coast low event in March 2022, Tuggerah lakes saw levels rise above the top of the existing wall which caused erosion and pushed the sandstone logs to rotate seaward.

According to the Council, the works are now complete with not only repairs but also upgrades to the sandstone wall to help it better withstand future weather events.

The full list of works at Canton Beach included: 

  • Increasing the height of the sandstone log wall along with an inclusion of a stepped finish to help prevent erosions and subsidence, and support access to the beach,
  • New drainage works were installed behind the wall,
  • Sand nourishment works – additional sand was placed along the beach to help mitigate erosion.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and Central Coast Council.