Mount Baldy beach receiving new sand

The Indiana shoreline near Mount Baldy dune is receiving sand again this year to help counteract shoreline erosion.

Photo courtesy of USACE

The design and construction supervision are managed by the Army Corps, Chicago District and has been done for seven of the last ten years.

The project is dependent on the availability of beach nourishment government funds. This year, over $2.7M of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funds are being used to complete the project.

The contract was awarded to Rausch Infrastructure, LLC in January 2024 and sand started moving April 25. 68,350 tons of sand will be placed on approximately 5,000 square yards of the beach from April throughout July to ensure the beach does not erode into the nearby dunes.

The sand placement helps retain the natural coastal protection and ecological habitat for the area of Indiana Dunes National Park on the shores of Lake Michigan.