Government to conduct nearshore dredging at North Haven and Taperoo

The Government of South Australia is set to conduct nearshore dredging at North Haven and Taperoo and upscale mass replenishment programs at West Beach and Henley Beach South as recommended by the independent Adelaide Beach Management Review.

photo courtesy of Maritime Constructions Pty Ltd

The independent review, released today, recommends a two month dredging program to confirm whether dredging can be used as a long-term, sustainable solution to recycling sand that drifts north along the coast.

Nearshore dredging is less expensive than the other recommended options, received the strongest support during community consultation, and it is the least disruptive to residents in beach suburbs.

The two-month dredging program will collect sand from a nearshore zone between Taperoo and North Haven and deliver it by barge to West Beach where it will be pumped near the shoreline to wash onto the beach.

According to the Government, boat access to North Haven Marina and West Beach Boat Ramp is not expected to be affected during the trial, but there will be an exclusion zone around the dredge.