Grand Forks gets better flood protection

People, property and businesses in and around Grand Forks are set to be further protected from floodwaters with the construction of a new dike and drainage system, the latest component of the city’s flood mitigation program, the Government of British Columbia said.

photo courtesy of City of Grand Forks, BC

Grand Forks was devastated by flooding in May 2018, when about one-third of the city’s 4,000 residents were forced to evacuate their homes, among thousands throughout the Boundary region,” said Bowinn Ma, Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness.

“The flood-mitigation work we have done with the city since 2018 paid off in a big way last year, preventing what could have been very serious flooding. This latest project will strengthen Grand Forks even further against future high-water events, better protecting people for years to come.”

The 714-metre dike construction and 505-metre drainage system project is in the southern portion of the city and is designed to protect a 100-home neighbourhood and 17-hectare industrial area

With this new investment, the Province has provided more than $39.1 million in flood recovery and mitigation in Grand Forks and surrounding area since 2018.

With combined support from the federal and provincial governments and the City of Grand Forks, the Grand Forks Flood Mitigation Program is set to protect the city’s core neighbourhoods, businesses, industries and critical infrastructure, while restoring nine hectares of floodplain to reduce flood risk.

Overall, the program is more than 70% complete.