Bayou Vermilion spot dredging about to begin

Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) said that the Bayou Vermilion spot dredging project near Rotary Point, aimed at improving water quality and restoring the channel to its natural function, is about to begin.

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This spot dredging project is a crucial step in LCG’s ongoing efforts to maintain and improve Lafayette’s waterways. Removing accumulated sediments will provide protective measures for boaters and recreational use enhancing navigation and restoring natural habitats for local wildlife,” said LCG.

This community has long awaited the start of this project,” said Mayor-President Monique B. Boulet. “We’re eager to get this initiative moving as it plays an important role in preserving the health of our bayous. By investing in sustainable practices like this, we’re fostering a healthier ecosystem for our community and ensuring these cherished spaces are accessible for generations to come.”

This significant initiative, managed by the Public Works Department, is set to begin on Monday, July 8.