USA: Congressman to Make Big Announcement at Waukegan Harbor

Members of the media are invited to join Congressman Dold, Chairman Stolman, Mayor Sebonjian, and members from the EPA, Army Corps of Engineers and the Waukegan CAG, as they tour Waukegan Harbor and learn more about the Harbor Cleanup and dredging efforts. The tour will be followed with a press avail in which Dold will be making a big announcement in regards to an important project about to take place in the Harbor.

Waukegan Harbor is one of 43 Environmental Areas of Concern (AOC) on the Great Lakes and the only one located in Illinois; and the environmental dredge is necessary to remove the Harbor as an AOC.

The Harbor clean up will generate jobs, improve commerce in Waukegan and an unpolluted Harbor will increase property values in Lake County.

Waukegan Harbor is Part of the Great Lakes Navigation System that moves more than 100-million tons of commodities, saves $3.6 billion per year in transportation and handling charges and generates tens-of-thousands of jobs.

Waukegan Harbor requires an annual dredge of its approach channel to remain open for commerce, recreation and public safety.

A new effort is underway to prioritize the economic impact of the Great Lakes Navigation System and Waukegan Harbor.


Source:, October 19, 2011;